Basınçlı Fritözler

Basınçlı Fritözler
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Basınç Svici 0.35-0.50 BAR
diameter 45 mm triggering pressure 0,5 bar reset pressure 0,35 bar type pressure connection vertical application steam control pressure range ..
Gaz Valfi 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, 3/4" NPT
supply 220-240 VAC frequency 50/60 Hz gas inlet 3/4" NPT gas outlet 3/4" NPT thermocouple connection 11/32" ..
Gaz Valfi 24VAC  1/2" NPT - 7000B DER,Robertshaw
supply 24 VAC gas inlet 1/2" NPT gas outlet 1/2" NPT thermocouple connection - pilot connection - type 7000B DER p..
Kontak Blok momentary 2NO/2NC
version momentary function 2NO/2NC connection male faston 2.8mm type illuminable socket type T5.5K   ..
Kontak Blok momentary 2NO/2NC, BFLI5K
Category Contact Blocks Series Contact Blocks BT/BF...K Protection class II (protective insulation) Degree of protection IP00 Switching function maintained action Travel 3 mm Illumination Yes..
Manyetik Sviç M10x0.75 1NO 250V 0,5A  50W , 2000mm
thread size M10x0.75 function 1NO voltage 250 V switching capacity 0,5 A power max. 50 W connection cable cable le..
Mikrosviç NA 16 Amper
type with plunger thread size M10x0.75 thread length 16 mm voltage 250 V switching capacity 16 A function 1NO conn..
RobertShaw gaz valf 208/240VAC 50/60Hz 1"NPT
supply 208/240 VAC frequency 50/60 Hz gas inlet 1"NPT gas outlet 1"NPT thermocouple connection 11/32" pil..
terminal 3-pole max. 40A max 400V
number of poles 3 -pole load max. 40 A maximum voltage 400 V connection ø6mm² / F6.3 temperature resistance 150 °C nominal cross section ..
Terminal block 2-pole max. 20A max 600V-0C9052
number of poles 2 -pole load max. 20 A maximum voltage 600 V connection ø2.5mm² / F6.3 temperature resistance 150 °C nominal cross section ..
Şalter ,4NO ,  50 kOhm
type 2 operating positions function 4NO switching sequence 0-1 switching capacity 32 A shaft diameter 6x4.6 mm shaft length 23 mm ..
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